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Let’s brew some potions

A friend of mine uses the term neurospicy to define those of us whose brains work in mysterious ways. I consider this a superpower. I have a deep capacity to think in systems. To organize information. To connect dots in unconventional ways. But also to feel, to imagine, to ideate. 

My biggest asset is that both sides of my brain are developed equally. I’m as much capable of crafting deep and intricate spreadsheets and business plans or to create complex systems to support productions and organizing teams as writing touching and beautiful texts or designing intricate spaces. I work with systems as much as I work with beauty

I operate best as a Creative Director. I’ve done Interior Design and Experience Design of many spaces. I’ve designed brands, concepts, villages. I’ve helped companies design their foundation, from pitch decks to P&Ls to legal systems. I led the entire design of the la tierra masterplan and I’ve worked with construction companies and architects to design its spaces. I have founded or helped found seven companies, four of which I was CEO and Creative Director of. 


I move comfortable between work and play. Between To Do’s and Magic
Let’s brew some potions together. 

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