Curiosity blazes my way

Curiosity blazes my way

I have lived many lives. Instead of finishing my degree, I led a team of 200 people in the making of The Cosmonaut, a transmedia experience where we created a whole story universe about the soviet space race. It was licensed under Creative Commons and crowdfunded by 5000 people, raising more than half a million dollars.

After directing a feature film and thirty short films, I became CEO of my second company: Future Lighthouse. During three years, we turned it into one of the world’s leading Virtual Reality studios, winning numerous awards and paving the way for the future of storytelling.

In 2018 I quit everything. It was time for a change. I followed other passions and turned into a food artist and started diving deep into experiencial design. I created Cocina Sagrada to design and create incredible immersive experiences around the world. Food, design, light, sound and story became my tools to create wonder and awe. To change how people felt.

That’s when I discovered that all the things I did had a name… Ontological Design.

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