I learn by doing

I believe in doing, more than I believe in talking. Instead of finishing my degree, I led a team of 200 people in the making of The Cosmonaut, a transmedia experience where we created a whole story universe about the space race. It was licensed under creative commons and crowdfunded by 5000 people, raising more than half a million dollars. 

I learned how to write. How to create compelling visuals. How to reach audiences and engage with them. How to build beautiful products

I also failed, a lot. And then failed some more and after that I learned to fail faster and better

But these are just the fireworks that make the headlines. What truly matters to me is to create wonder. To make people feel better. To use technology to build bold and brave storytelling. That’s why, when I grow up, I want to be a magician


Arthur C. Clarke once said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Every time a new technology arises, it changes the way we tell stories. 

Today it's not only the technology, it’s us who have been transformed. It changed how we read, how we watch, how we feel, how we interact... 

We have a beautiful opportunity in front of us: to become the illusionists of the 21st century.  That’s why I’m working now in Virtual Reality, which I believe will transform the world and how we look at it and each other.



From the crazy mind-opening ideas of Terence Mckenna to the geodesic domes of Bucky Fuller, I stand on the shoulders of giants. I have been inspired by many human beings who decided to make the world a better place with their ideas, their books, their films or their inventions. 

Some of them I met in person, like Eduardo Milewicz, Javier Cañada, Pedro Serrahima or my grandpa, from whom I learned practical things about life, work, design and ethics. The rest of those brave men and women I only had the opportunity to read or watch or listen to, but they deeply changed me. 

I have learned by doing, but certainly, I learned from others: The team who worked with me to make my first film, my partners, my parents, my friends. The thousands of people who walked by my side while making The Cosmonaut. My favourite writers and filmmakers. The great thinkers of our age, the TED talkers, the doers, the makers. 


While I was finishing the postproduction of my first film I made a terrible mistake: I sent an arrogant and disgusting email that I should never have written. The consequences were thousands of insults and death threats. People even encouraged me to kill myself. That email and its consequences changed me deeply.

In 2013 I was granted the opportunity to tell my story at a TEDx talk.

You can watch it HERE.

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