The Hero's journey is the oldest story in the world: An epic search for a treasure with tons of handicaps on the way.

The journey of The Cosmonaut has been made by 5000 people during five years. There weren't cyclops, but there were sirens. Not a single labyrinth (except bureaucratic ones), but a flight to the sun. 

The Cosmonaut is a truly indie adventure who raised 600,000$ through crowdfunding when crowdfunding wasn’t even a word in Spain. It’s also one of the first transmedia projects: not only a film but also 36 shortfilms and a book. It was shot in 3 countries on 120 

different locations, with more than a hundred people collaborating to make it possible.

It’s innovative distribution system (full day&date, for free online, licensed under Creative Commons and open to the community to copy, share and even remix it) granted it a place in many Film and Business Schools as a case study all around the world.

I commanded this project as well as writing and directing most of it’s contents, which had been awarded in 18 international film festivals so far and inspired people worldwide.


Have you seen people using a modern virtual reality headset? They open their mouths in pure wonder, fascinated, like little children in front of a magic trick. 

These days I feel the same excitement as in the beginning of the 20th century when everything was new and shiny. New technologies were emerging and the magicians, the illusionists, the visionaries used them to astonish audiences everywhere. 

We are entering a future where we will need to re-think how storytelling works. What is magic. How can we use this wonderful technology to make us feel alive again. To make us learn and teach and share and connect. 

Imagine, instead of falling asleep over your history book 

while the teacher explains the ending of World War Two, to be in Berlin putting the victory flag over the Reichstag or attending the Nuremberg trials “in the flesh”.

Imagine travelling throughout the human body seeing everything that happens inside in detail, to feel what it’s like to win the world cup or climb the Everest, or maybe how does it feel to fly. 

I believe Virtual Reality will change the world. How we interact with each other. How we experience entertainment and education. How we perceive reality. And in that process, it will also help us look throughout other people’s eyes, getting us closer to the idea of an empathic civilization.

A random day a man wakes up in a place he can’t recognize. He is in an empty boat, floating adrift in the middle of the Beagle Canal in front of the farthest city in the world, south to the south.  

He doesn’t know why he is there. He doesn’t even know where he is. But he stays. And stays. And stays. 

Nature begins to change. Strange substances invade the trees in a very slow and unnoticeable way, little by little, draining them. The water in the lakes boil some times. 

People behave erratically. Unknown animals start to crowd the meadows. One day, in the middle of the summer, a snowfall begins.  

ARCHIPIELAGO is gonna be my next film. One of the first transmedia projects in South America, it will also be one of the first feature films to be shot for Oculus Rift and Virtual Reality headsets. With a compelling use of binaural sound and an oppressive use of the spheric environment, it will push forward the cinematic posibilities of Virtual Reality.

Dossier coming soon

A series of socio-political situations leads to anticipated elections. While counting the votes, people discovers astonished that an unknown party has won the elections with absolute majority. The people behind the party? artists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, intellectuals... not a single politician. And they all claim to have absolutely no idea of what is going on or to have ever joined such party.

General caos leads to the party in charge declaring the elections unconstitutional. A delicate political situation and a lack of trust in the politicians inside the government brings people to the street to protest. In the course of the demonstrations, a civilizan is killed by the police and caos explodes. 

The night, then remembered as the Red Night, is settled with more than 300 people dead, the army on the streets and a coup from the party in charge, declaring a state of siege. 

This is the pilot of a 10 episodes series and could be a film or a videogame.

The proper series start two months after these events at the moment the ONU announces that they have intervened with military forces to prevent a coup in a EU country and that they are willing to take this opportunity to rethink politics as we know them, given the political agitation taking place around Europe. 

The country is given a year to re write their constitution, thought about the things that were done wrong in the past and discuss them along with all the players involved to have a chance of improving them. The party of twelve men who won the elections in the first place decides to remain together and push for a change. They end up being called “the white party” by the media.

The series end in an episode which will feature a debate among all the political candidates in a whole new game stage, a few weeks before the elections, in a night that will be remembered as the White Night. 

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